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The SCRIABIN SONATAS Reimagined, Part 1 FILM

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"TRANSIENCE", project premiere!


A tremendous THANK YOU, once again this year, for a new premiere, a new concept, a new blend of art genres: music and live painting! We had a blast on May 24 in Lucerne and we are grateful to each and everyone of you who made this performance possible and came to listen and watch! We are ready for new locations, exciting events, meeting every audience member, and we want to hear from you! To which locations would you like us to come next? What art genres do you want to us to intertwine? It's your time to share your ideas with us! We wish you an awesome summer and stay tuned for updates!⠀

Elina Akselrud and the Intertwining Arts team

Interview with our Philosophy Advisor Dilectiss Liu

Today we are very happy to share a very interesting and profound interview with our very own Dilectiss Liu! Anastasia Panova, specially for Interwining Arts.

Q: How did you meet the Intertwining Arts team?

I was at the end of my studies in Canberra during the autumn of 2014, when the second Australian International Chopin Competition took place. There I had met Elina, and we exchanged our thoughts on Chopin and his artist compatriots. The continuation of these exchanges marked the beginning of our first Intertwining Arts project “Chopin: A Letter Through the Parisian Years”.

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Fractured Atlas Spotlight!

Elina Akselrud is founder of Intertwining Arts and creator of CROSSOVER ART PROJECTS- piano performance blended with other visual and performing art genres. Intertwining Arts has been a member of Fractured Atlas since 2016 and is based between New York and Lucerne, Switzerland.

How has Fractured Atlas benefitted your artistic practice?
Fractured Atlas gave a way for Intertwining Arts to become an organization. This is crucial for every kind of creative professional that is seriously oriented towards presenting their work. The Intertwining Arts team has successfully presented two multidisciplinary performance projects. The first one, “CHOPIN: A Letter through the Parisian Years,” unites live music, photography, and theater in one multifaceted performance. It was performed in Paris, France; Zurich and Lucerne, Switzerland; and Munich, Germany. Its cinematic version was released in Paris, France and is currently available on YouTube.

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