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Anna Prydatko

(artist, illustrator, designer) studied classical drawing and painting in private ateliers:

  • 2005: with Igor Veligin (Sevastopol, Ukraine)

  • 2007: with Vasily Protsenko (Sevastopol, Ukraine)

  • 2012 — present: with Alexander Titov (Kyiv, Ukraine)

She received a formal education in the field of chemistry, specializing in paints and coatings.

Photo: Alisa Kuznetsova

Photo: Alisa Kuznetsova

  • 2008-2015 Kyiv Polythechnic Institute (Ukraine) Master of Science in chemistry

  • 2016-2017 Leiden University (The Netherlands), PhD student

The staging of an experiment has always been for her first and foremost a visualization, a design. This is just one of those aspects that combine the scientific and artistic activities. On the other hand, experience in the study and design of paints allows one to experiment with materials on canvas. But by including (adding) an empirical, reflective element, such experiments go beyond the bounds of science, and the material begins to serve not as a goal, but as the means of expression. Therefore, since 2017, she devoted herself entirely to painting.

Painting for me is a responsibility and passion at the same time. On one hand, one can indeed assume that the painting of the real world is only a simulacrum on canvas; on the other hand, the artist, discarding the superfluous and emphasizing the perceived, reveals the beforeunnoticed apperception. Therefore understanding of personal identification / identity, manifestation of the empirical space, and a connection of a modern person with reality are the goals of my artistic path."

Anna Prydatko's works are in private collections in Ukraine, The Netherlands, Italy and Canada.

Group exhibitions:

  • “Ballpoint / A4” (2018)

  • II-Ukrainian graphic contest-exhibition (2018)

  • Ukrainian watercolor contest-exhibition (2019)

  • Exhibition “Greeting cards” (2019)

  • “Handmade expo” XXIX international exhibition (2019)