Intertwining Arts


piano performance blended with other visual and performing art genres


The SCRIABIN SONATAS Reimagined, Part 1 FILM



Arletta Elst-Wawrzyniak


The creator of the Project video collages was born in Kraków (Poland) and currently resides in the Netherlands. She completed her Bachelor Degree in Media Art in 2009 at AKI Academy for Visual Art and Design in Enschede. She works in disciplines such as media art, mixed media, photography and video art.  Light, time, mirror, projection and God are characteristic themes depicted in the artist’s work, mostly projections and installations.

"Images are illusions as mirroring is never a true picture of reality."

"Our perception is inseparable from the media that makes observing possible, such as a photo camera, the eye, a mirror. Projection is a form that I regularly use in my artworks in different ways. Light is essential in my work. Caught, tamed, guided by various media and devices that I sometimes build myself. The result is always a combination of the dimensions of time and movement. An image is created by painting with light in time."