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New Project Announcement! TRANSIENCE: Painting after Scriabin and Vine

Hi World!


It’s been a while….. So we have some exciting announcement and a couple of synesthetic questions for you! Can you hear colors? And how about seeing music? Sounds like some kind of a superpower, right? But this experience is more real than you could ever imagine. For many months we have been preparing a unique project, uniting musical and visual art experience into one performance. Are you ready to feel this magic?πŸ’«β €
β €
We're happy to introduce our new crossover art project:β €
𝗧 π—₯ 𝗔 𝗑 𝗦 π—œ π—˜ 𝗑 𝗖 π—˜: Painting after Scriabin and Vine
β €
πŸ“ Marianischer Saal, Lucerne, Switzerlandβ €
πŸ“… May 24, 2019β €
πŸ•’ 19:30 - 21:00β €

Elina Akselrud, piano
Anna Prydatko, painting

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