Intertwining Arts


piano performance blended with other visual and performing art genres


The SCRIABIN SONATAS Reimagined, Part 1 FILM



Intertwining Arts was founded as a way to unify multifaceted artistic projects, in which two or more art genres are combined while the project is being performed live on stage.


A wise combination can create a truly multifaceted, fulfilling result and bring the final performance to reality in its most historically accurate, vivid and brightest light. A crucial factor is the essential knowledge and the inspiration that can be comprehended from such a performance, since the audience leaving it at the end shall feel something more powerful than leaving a concert, an exhibition, a play, or a dance show. A multifaceted professional performance by precisely-executed stylistic means leaves a truly unbelievable impact on the audience.

An important aspect of being a classical musician is linking the past with the future in the present. We, the humans, must respect and remember the ‘gone’ times, which is the only way to save them from perishing without a trace. Each of us should cherish and endlessly guard these memories and histories deep within our hearts, preventing them from becoming irrecoverably dead and unforgivably forgotten. Only then, will we not lose our complete selves, and thus find fulfillment, rather than disappointment, in existence. Our past is our future and it is in the hands of the modern people to save this coherence today.


Another task for artists is communicating on contemporary sociological and environmental issues. Sometimes viewing a piece of art can leave a profound impact on the audience and evoke their interest towards a certain matter, which they might have never thought about before.


However the most difficult assignment of artists' work is a study of the innerself: the human thoughts, notions, emotions, and fears. It is very much needed for each of us to not be hiding from our own selves (which is tempting to do due to lack of time, energy, or motivation), to think about our true purpose, dreams, to define our goals, to not be scared to look into the deepest corners of our soul and find out what can linger there... Artists' mission and responsibility is to inspire for such a self-research, as they are the people who must discover their own inner-selves first, in order to find integrity in art and communicate to the public.


Artists are in some way 'advocates' of all these subjects. Thus, presenting the music in a new way, intertwined with other art genres for deeper experiences and wider discoveries opens a new vision. This is a road with limitless possibilities multiplied by infinity.